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About "Eat at Bill's: Life in the Monterey Market"

Eat at Bill's: Life in the Monterey Market is a video documentary about the phenomenon that is the Monterey Market, a family owned produce market in Berkeley, CA. The focus is on Bill Fujimoto, the market's owner. Bill's enthusiasm and experience fuel the enterprise and illuminate the Market's wide world of small growers and diverse customers.

The Monterey Market's single store supports many dozens of small (and formerly small) farms. Bill's determination to support the maximum number of small growers and his passion for connecting customers with the very best has attracted a small army of restaurant customers. Bay Area chefs know the Monterey Market's back room is the place to find the season's finest.

Farmers across California will tell you that Bill was their first retail customer and that his support was crucial to their success. I was inspired to make this movie because I'm one of those farmers.

My husband Jim Churchill and I own and operate a small orchard in Southern California. Jim and I met when we were both working at Churchill Films, his dad's film production and distribution company. When Jim and I got married in 1988, he was a part-time farmer with a failing avocado orchard and 80 Pixie tangerine trees. My good friend Jim Maser suggested we try selling our Pixies to Bill at Monterey Market.

I kept telling Jim, "Somebody ought to make a movie about Bill and the Monterey Market." Jim suggested that perhaps I should be that somebody.

This movie is a celebration of the Monterey Market's diverse network of customers and suppliers, and a valentine to small enterprises everywhere.

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