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"Good fruits and vegetables in season"
Our philosophy is to run a village-based business that supports both the local farmers as well as the local community. We sell tasty and healthy organic foods at great prices.

Our family has been growing citrus in the Ojai Valley for over 100 years!

Think tasty, creamy, tangy, aromatic, tart, sweet, crunchy and delectable. Within the 280,000 square feet of the Melissa's/World Variety Produce, Inc. warehouse, you’re sure to find the freshest fruits and vegetables – quality products with exceptional value and first-class service.

Ojai Pixie Growers Association
Some twenty different family-scale farmers are growing Pixie tangerines in the Ojai Valley.

Citrus Variety Collection, University of California, Riverside
Field botany and biology is an endangered species of science these days, with all the glamor and money going into genetic engineering and microbiology. The Citrus Variety Collection, an entity from the glory days of both field research and California citrus, is an astonishing resource for growers, featuring upwards of 900 varieties of citrus from all around the world. Here's their website; please consider contributing to their upkeep as they don't get more than the bare minimum of support from the University.

Community Alliance with Family Farmers
Jim also works as a Field Representative in Ventura County for CAFF, working primarily on projects to introduce locally grown fresh produce into the school lunch programs in the public schools of Ventura County. Visit the CAFF website to learn about this important organization fighting for the future of family-scale growers and working to build a healthier food system for farmers, farmworkers and eaters.

The Healthy Schools Project at Ventura Unified School District
This is one of the salad bar projects Jim has been working with for the past four years.

Edible Ojai
Edible Ojai is an award-winning quarterly newsletter which promotes the abundance of local foods, season by season – we celebrate our small family farmers, farmers market vendors and local chefs for their dedication to producing the highest quality, organic, fresh and seasonal foods. The fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry, cheese and other artisanally produced foods they bring to the table are what makes our community an interesting and healthy food community to live and work in.

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